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Since my personal journal is nearing 200 posts [and it's the new year and all], I thought it'd be fun to do something to commemorate. So I'm taking requests for short ficlets/drabbles.

I will write you something at least 100 words, maybe longer. All that I ask is that you give me a prompt. Your request doesn't HAVE to include a pairing, but I'd like a lyric, a phrase, something you'd like incorporated into the writing of it. And if anyone's interested in something with Delos/Francis/Sebastian I'm willing to try that as well. Or if you want something original like a poem or whatnot, I'm good for that as well. And now that I think about it, I could try writing something for Cowboy Bebop, Trigun or FFVIII although those fandoms might take a bit longer...]

Since my personal journal, noin, is becoming increasing crowded with inane, dull personal trash I decided to move the offer over here.

To give you an idea of what I write/like here's the short of it.


I'm pretty comfortable with writing any of the pilots, although Wufei still escapes me [he's too damn slick, that one. :P]. Zechs, Treize, Noin, Trowa, Duo and Relena are my most comfrotable characters to work with. Dorothy, Heero, Quatre and Lady Une to an extent with Sally bringing up the end. SHE's so complicated! @__@ But I'm willing to try anything.

If anyone's actually interested, *turns head left, then right as crickets chirp in the background*, just comment here. ^___~

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