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The purpose of this livejournal is to house my fanfiction and other writing since I [noin] seem incapable of updating FALTER on a regular basis.


These aren't so much rules, as general politeness guidelines and such.

This is my writing, my perceptions of the characters. So this means that I don't want argumentative comments about how I've fallen in AU realm and into OOCness.

I also ask for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Even if you don't like what I've written, comment as to why and what you don't like. ^_^ Honestly, the biggest quirk I have with reviewers of any kind is that they don't respond CONSTRUCTIVELY. And that I don't get any feedback at all...~_~; But that's just because I never think what I write is good enough. It is incredibly RARE that I like my own work. Sometimes it'll last for a while, but in less time that it takes to read this next word I will change my mind and think something's horrible. SO if you find something missing that was there before, it just means I've decided to take it down againt to re-write it, or I've locked it or something.

Sorry to sound like a complaining bitch. That is all. ^_^


Yeah, if you haven't figured it out yet, most if not all of these fics are yaoi/shounen-ai friendly. There's also adult language, situations both violent and sexual and other general things that certain people can't handle. If you're one of them, I suggest you don't read any of my fanfiction, or at least read the Author's Notes.

And as of a few days ago this journal contains SEX. Yeah, that's write. SLASHY SEX. So I'm serious about reading the warnings. >__>; Otherwise, friend away. ^___^