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Samurai Champloo | "Safe" | Drabble | PG | Fuu/Jin

It had wrinkled her nose, hands dancing across the dirt of her kimono as she tripped along the edge of a building.


Running past the scant crowds, feet awkward as she attempted stealth.

Jin in love.

It was strange to think. But what else could it be?

He's in love.

Her emotionally immobile Jin. Battered. Stoic face cut much more deeply than she has ever seen it...

Because you're in love.

Back falling with a muffled grunt of pain along the wall, she sucked in a breath. He probably knew she was there. Following the sound of his steps, traipsing after him in her slick-less manner. Not that it mattered. Not that he cared.

Her Jin.

In love.

Mugen had claimed he was safe now, that she should be relieved. And she felt reassured of what she had been thinking for the past weeks. She really was...

But in following him as his hand gripped the coin purse, his face a settled determination...

Her Jin was in love and she was a fool.
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