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Gankutsuou | "Simple Minded" | Drabble | PG | Albert/Franz

Albert was simple minded.

When he asked him...

What do you want?

...his reply would come easily in the spoiled undertones of his voice:

I want you.

Never anything specific. So he was careless, ever the esurient prince taking everything he gave him and he never thought to ask for anything with specificity.

It was always just...

I want you/to be with you/here with me/now

...And so he would find himself smiling and settling into the rhythmn of Albert's wants, handing him every little thing and rarely denying them to him.

Because Albert was so simple, so insistent...he kept himself beside him, arm always at the ready to reach out and pull the older boy from harm.

What do you want, Albert?

"Ask me for something."

He blinked twice, eyes settled upon him in a clear blue tone and he stared back awash in calm. Albert never asked, never before had made clear what it was he needed...

"I want you to love me, Franz. I want you to stay always by my side."

He was so simple minded.
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