Min•di (noin) wrote in falterings,

Gankutsuou | "This Easily" | Drabble | PG | Albert/Eugénie

He could part with her this easily, without allowing his tongue to slip between her perfect teeth and without more words than he was apt to wrap around his fumbling mind because he could hold her now. His hand, splayed across her lower back was confident rather than tense and the other hand behind her neck was a bit forceful as he held her. And he was content.

The heady scent of her perfume, her shampoo, her skin...just...her.


She held a part of him now. In her nimble fingers that were able to cajole pain and love from ebony keys, she grasped the heart of him. And he had joyously let himself go. Gave up whatever he had been able to withhold and smiled.

Oh, he did love her. The strong voice and character, her heart-shaped face and clear eyes, the way she would hold his face, thumb brushing the birthmark near his eye. As he held her, he sighed and realized the fact he could let her grow away from him and feel only trace sadness...

It has to mean something.

Was because...

Albert laid one last soft kiss against her cheek and knew she loved him.
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