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[Acerito] WIP drabble

A/N: Delos POV.

- - -

Come Back To Me A While

- - -

Everything for your convenience.

I held myself a measured pace behind, let my hands drop against my sides and kept my distance.

Slipping past the edge would be too simple, too heady, too tempting.

And there was your reputation.

The few days had tripped by and even now the urges to reach out for the cold of your skin crushed through the skin of my fingers and froze my movements, forced me to keep a labored breath from reaching your ears.

I just want you.

Bleeding green and frigid white.
Colors of your garments.
Pearl-beaded rosary hanging from your neck.
The last of my marks nearly faded from your body.

You won't touch me.

Walking down the carpeted aisle, following your lead like I always do, holding on to the stolen scent of your cologne, falling into the rhythm of your steps with my head bowed to keep from staring.

It should be obvious, shouldn't it?

How I want you.

That I love you.

Then comes the pause. Where I stand motionless for the moment you turn around, holding me in place with your eyes.

Until our mother pulls gently at my arm, ushering me to take my seat.

And you make your way up to the altar, dropping your head for the sign of the cross.

God has stolen your kneel from me.

I kneel on the tile, leaning myself against the wood of the pew. Hands clasped in a mock image of yours, I'm crushed into hearing the sound of your voice.

Is there anything I want to pray for?

- - -

I hate having to go to bed! :O
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