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Gina Gershon. All pictures from the movie she did with Jennifer Tilly, Bound. I need to see that movie. I've seen parts of it. Hmm.
I don't like Jennifer Tilly much, but Gina Gershon isn't bad.

I really like that picture. Except it would have been better sans Jennifer Tilly. The tattoo though. *___* Me gusta.


- - -

The first photograph hit me between the eyes eyes because it reminds me of the Duo/Noin/shower scene in one of the chapters of And The Glass Shatters. Holy shit. The ones of her in the leather jacket remind me of various fics, but mostly of Francis because omggodthat'shisjacket. And of course, the tank-top. So very Noin. Look. It's even the right color. Alright. Enough babble. I think I'm projecting way too much now. =___=; I get loopy when nervous.

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