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Gankutsuou | "Decency" | Drabble | R | Eugénie/Albert

A/N: for who_shot_kr :D

Her body scrambled over the keys, pressing down until discordant notes echoed the desperation. They were going to get caught. She knew it. Knew it when his hesitant hands settled on the smooth, varnished wood and she untucked his cravat and pulled at the frilled edge of it. Sighing, he let her drag him up and after she kicked the stool out of the way with her boot, he had no choice but to crawl forward with her.

Squeezing his eyes shut with apprehension, he clamored atop the piano as she slid her body closer to his, allowing his knee to be placed firmly between hers. She was still wearing her riding outfit, the zippered jacket and stiff pants; the scarf around her neck. Her hair was still loose and unkempt from the car ride. Sifting long fingers through Albert's hair, she settled a quick kiss at the beauty mark beside his eye in an attempt to reassure him.

"Albert..." she murmured. "We don't have too much time...so just relax. I'm not going to hurt you."

Still frowning, his limbs were rigid, his mouth immobile against hers. In vague exasperation, she slid hands between his thin dress-shirt and woolen jacket, allowing her palms to press insistently against his back. Tilting her head, she plied his mouth open with her tongue, teasing him into compliance.


Eyes fluttering shut again, he finally began to release the tension from his body, moving his right hand to the back of her neck. Drawing her knees up, Eugénie tipped back, urging him with her hands to make use of the little time they had. Releasing the hold she had on him, she unzipped her jacket, dropping it on the floor. Albert brought a hand to her throat and with a blush and an unsure smile untied the checkered scarf, fingers faint against her skin.

Her body arched for him, her lips parting with his name as he shrugged off his coat.

He settled one of his sweet kisses to her mouth as she pulled him down, her head nearly touching the dark top of the piano.


And now it was her turn to close her eyes, to let out a sigh and just let her head hit the cold wood. She had known it would happen.

Franz stood at the entrance of her practice room, hand pressed to the lightswitch along the wall, with an acutely shocked look upon his face.

As she let out another heavy sigh, Albert buried his face against her shoulder, not willing to look back at their friend.

After a few moments, Franz settled his lips into a tight line. "You could have at least had the decency to dim the lights."
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